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Ocean’s 500 is proud to partner with a few exclusive brands who share our vision and brand values, and deliver exceptional experiences to service our clients. Explore the benefits from our partnerships below and contact us for more information.

Our partners: Seabob, Star Class, Direct Berth, Baudoin Oceans, Williams Yacht Tender, ZM Yacht Interior.



SEABOB COOPERATION PARTNER FOR THE NETHERLANDS UNLIMITED RIDING PLEASURESEABOB is the ultimate diving machine with an electric jet drive and a large battery to maximise usage time! Resistent against salt water by premium carbon elements, ceramic coatings and precious metals absolutely made with top-grade materials.

If you are looking for the ultimate driving pleasure, simply head for the water. No boundaries, no limits. Experience vast open spaces and pure freedom with the SEABOB. Whatever gear you have selected, you will receive an unforgettable driving experience.

Official SEABOB cooperation partner
We are SEABOB cooperation partner in the Netherlands. We provide full services to make your ordering process as easy as possible. We take care for the complete transaction until the delivery to your address. We sell the whole range of SEABOB models F5, F5 S and F5 SR. You can find all additional options on our price list below!

Get in contact with our sales manager to make your purchase complete and order your SEABOB today!

StarClass Yacht Transport

Starclass, owned by Jan te Siepe, started moving yachts on cargo-vessels since 1987. The company has the reputation for punctual and hassle free yacht transport with geared carriers and certified cradles. They use a network of exclusive booking agents, who also give all services needed such as custom clearance, finding a berth etc. This makes them a “one stop shop” for all your yacht transport requirements. They give you all instructions on how to avoid possible risks and problems during transport. They supply shipping cradles, prepare all the paperwork and a loadmaster to protect your interest in the loading port and to assure a safe loading without damage. Transport and P & I insurance can be organized. A P & I insurance is a 3rd party liability insurance. This liability insurance is very important and with Starclass this coverage is standard.

Mediterranean Yacht Transport service they run a unique punctual monthly service within Europe by using ‘Yacht Only’ vessels. At least once a month the journey starts in Bergen, Bremerhaven and Rotterdam. On demand they stop in Poole, Gibraltar, Alcudia, Nice, Malta, Split, Lavrion, Istanbul and in return back up to the North, all other ports on demand.

Feel free to reserve your yacht transport, including the service; free of charge rebooking up to 15 days before departure. Check the Facebook page for more news, updates, service and latest schedules. Starclass takes care of your yacht transport, the Masters of Yacht Transport.

Direct Birth

Direct Berth

​LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT BERTH OR MOORING?The Berth Concierge takes care of finding the perfect berth, from small yachts to super yachts, we deal with the best destinations and marinas, for each yacht owner.

We provide superior guidance to our clients, through extensive knowledge about berthing and it’s requirements, locations, new destinations and all handling that is required from start to finish of a transaction incl. travel for one site visit.

Our Concierge Team aims to provide a comprehensive range of services to maximize the Owner’s enjoyment of their yacht, minimize the risks and liabilities associated with berth rental or ownership, control the costs and show transparency. Last but not least we protect the significant capital investment that your berth or mooring represents.

Our Concierge services operates in an exclusive and dynamic environment that differs from marina by marina and country by country.

If you are considering buying, selling or renting a marina berth or mooring, let us know what you require, so we can find your perfect berth!

Baudoin Oceans

Baudoin Oceans Wash Systems

The name Baudoin has been around since the year 1888 and has traditionally been a wholesaler of cleaning products in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. The company was owned by the Baudoin family, since 1981 the company was taken over by the van Liempd family. In 2010 the third division of the holding has been launched under the name Baudoin Ocean Wash-Systems which takes care of all the needs on the Yacht & Superyacht industry.

As a manufacturer, they have many years of experience in producing and developing their own Reverse Osmosis Units. The Baudoin Reverse Osmosis Units are designed to make pure water out of tap and/or fresh water and able to filter all lime, minerals, metals and bacteria from the tap water with several different filters, which results in pure water. Water in its purest form has an amazingly strong cleaning capability; soap and all other cleaning tools will not be necessary anymore. By washing the Super Yacht with the-easy-to-use Baudoin Ocean Wash-System, it will quickly get a clean, stripe less, shiny and spotless result, even at dark paint. The lifespan of the paint can be extended by cleaning the Super Yacht regularly with our Pure Water Systems. The units can be executed from 200 liter to 2000 liter each hour depending on the size of the Super Yacht and number of Crew. With the wide assortment of mobile and fixed units they are able to meet almost all requests of our customers.

Please contact us for more information.

Williams Jet Tenders

Williams Yacht Tender

WILLIAMS JET TENDERS BY DELTA WATERSPORTWilliams Jet Tenders has been represented since 2006 in the Benelux, Germany and Denmark by Delta Watersports. The Williams headquarters in UK develops and produces these unique RIB boats rapidly through.

The boats are powered and propelled by water jets. There are four models in 11 variants; The new MiniJet 280 with a very low weight, the ever popular Turbo Jet 285, 325, 385 and 445 and the Tenders with diesel drive in 4 lengths ranging from 4.5 to 6.25 meters. For the sporty types among us, you can wake boarding and water skiing behind the SportJet 400, 460 or 520, a RIB with outstanding performance. Quality, finish, design and superb sailing characteristics are leading in those Williams Jet Tenders!

Please contact us for more information.

ZM Yacht Design

ZM Yacht Interior Styling & Design

YACHT INTERIOR STYLING & DESIGN EVERY PROJECT START AS A DREAM IN THE MIND OF AN OWNERStyling & designing a yacht interior is an interesting challenge. Water, nature and movements at sea, are the main elements. We want to create something special, sophisticated and pure with the feeling of freedom, luxurious comfort and functionality. Unique personal wishes can be fully reflected in your interior in which we will go on to create. Designed and styled to the highest standards by using the finest natural materials, indoor & outdoor fabrics, indoor & outdoor furniture, elegant bed & bath linen, luxury leather walls, finest carpets, luxury lighting, natural stones & marbles and unique accessories. All according to the wishes of your dream, imprinting your personality, ambitions, background, achievements & believes. To make your yacht extra unique we can personalize almost everything with monograms.

‘Your home is where the anchor drops’

We are eager and honoured to make your dream come true in togetherness. Please feel free to contact us.